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FAQ from Journal 08/2018

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Question 1:
On Mondays I always receive a message by e-mail about open requests. Although I work in our company as an administrator, I cannot see or find these requests in the IMDS in order to be able to react. What is the correct procedure?

The mentioned requests were sent to you via the regulation wizard of the Chemistry Manager. In order to see and edit them in the IMDS, you must first enable access to the Chemistry Manager.

Please perform the following steps to do this:

  1. log in as customer administrator
  2. select the menu Administration and the menu sub-item User
  3. search for the user that you want to unlock
  4. open the user profile in edit mode (click right mouse button to edit)
  5. check the box in the Access to Chemistry Manager area
  6. log off and log on again
  7. In the Functions menu, you can start the regulation wizard as well as search for and edit your query.

Question 2:
How do I handle composite components where a component is a set or add-on part from our customer if I do not know its make-up components?

(1) An add-on part is a component that you receive either from your customer or from a supplier on behalf of your customer so that you can incorporate it into the ordered product.
(2) Set part (defined according to VDA): If your company manufactures assemblies and has to use components for which your customer specifies from which supplier they are to be obtained, this is referred to as set parts. In this case, the responsibility for quality control still applies to you. This means that you must take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with the quality requirements for these parts.

Source: http://www.vda-qmc-learning.de/module/glossar/glossardetails.php?id=326&letter=S&mode=&searchstr=&currentlanguage=en

You must receive the material data from your customer or vendor:
You must receive the material data for the provided or set part from your customer or vendor in IMDS.
The general IMDS guidelines apply to reporting. Here we consider IMDS 001, p. 3, rule 3.1.A.

to (1) Parts to be provided: ISO/TS 16949, PPAP or VDA Volume 2, as well as IMDS 001 requirements for parts to be provided: A material declaration must be made for sampling on the basis of the supply chain, i.e. the material data must also be passed on along the supply chain.
This means that you must ask your customer to enter the provided part in the IMDS. Your customer has the responsibility to "forward" the provided part to you in the IMDS.

to (2) Set parts: According to the VDA, you are responsible for monitoring compliance with quality specifications (including IMDS data) for a set part. In this case you should also ensure that you receive the data in the IMDS from your customer or supplier.

Question 3:
How can I change or remove a temporary MDB?

You need to version the MDB first and then you can uncheck it.

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