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Updated supplier information, REACH candidate list, AIG on REACH

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Updated supplier information

The following companies have updated their supplier information:
General Motors

More information can be found at https://public.mdsystem.com/web/imds-public-pages/oem-specific-info

FCA US LLC - Part Number/Supplier Code Verification

Since June 29, 2018, the supplier code and/or part number are checked when FCA US is selected as the recipient. An error message is issued if the supplier code and/or part number cannot be found in the system. In this way, rejections due to incorrect supplier codes/part numbers are reduced.

Pure substances added to REACH candidate list

In the following file you will find the list of pure substances that have been added to SVHC's REACH candidate list and will be marked as SVHC in IMDS as of July 27, 2018:

Updated REACH Candidate List (SVHC) (PDF)

Automotive Industry Guideline on REACH, AIG 4.0 published

The current version of the Automotive Industry Guideline on REACH can be found on our website.

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